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  • Copying files in Vim's Netrw directory listing

    09 Apr 2012

    Today I was trying to figure out how to copy a file while in the Netrw directory listing in Vim. In the past, I have tried to look it up in the Netrw documentation, but I never got too far since it’s quite long. Anyhow, today I powered through my laziness and finally read up on how to copy a file.

    Copying a file involves three steps. Marking a file, marking a target directory, and then actually copying it. To mark a file, place the cursor over the file you wish to copy and hit mf which stands for “Mark file”. Then find the directory you want to copy to, place your cursor over the name of the directory and hit mt, which stands for “Mark target”. Then hit mc (does that stand for “Mark copy”?) and voila! You can also mark the target directory first, then mark the file to copy, and it will still work.

    For more on what you can do with marked files, see the Netrw documentation!