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  • JSON.stringify and Arrays in Chrome

    08 Mar 2014

    Today I discovered, to my unpleasant surprise, that JSON.stringify does not stringify arrays properly in Chrome.

    JSON.stringify({ numbers: [1, 2, 3] }) // "{"numbers":"[1, 2, 3]"}"

    I’ve tried the same thing in Node and Firefox, and they return what I expect:

    JSON.stringify({ numbers: [1, 2, 3] }) // '{"numbers":[1,2,3]}'

    It seems like this has been a problem for quite a while now! This post is from October 2012 and reports the same behavior of Chrome v22. I’m seeing the same issue today (March 2014) on Chrome v33.

    JSON.stringify bug

    Edit: I’ve discovered that the culprit is Prototype and how it supplies a toJSON method for arrays. The reason I was seeing this on Chrome only is because I was testing JSON.stringify on a different page in Firefox – one without Prototype.